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Living by Your Values

Living by Your Values

Jen Sincero says in her book ‘You are a badass’ “what you choose to focus on becomes your reality”. As our values are ultimately what we focus our energy towards, it’s important that we get clear on what they are and more importantly, what we want them to be.


When trying to identify your values, there are a few, questions you should ask yourself. So, before we get into it go make yourself a cup of your favourite tea, grab your journal, and get comfortable because this is going to take a bit of inner digging. While going through this process you absolutely need to be honest with yourself and really think about each of the questions below, write as much or as little as you want, this is completely for yourself.


What do you like to do?

What were you doing the last time you felt happy? Take some time to think about the things that make you happy, that you have fun doing, that you enjoy, what are they? It could be something simple like going for a walk in the evenings, having a bubble bath, travelling, anything that you want.


What is important to you?

What do you prioritize in your life? What do you feel is important? This could be anything, and will be different for everyone, it could be your health, your family, your job. Take some time to really think about what you feel is important in your life, not just what takes up the most amount of time.


What do you make time for?

This doesn’t necessarily mean what you spend most of your time doing, but what you choose to do with the time you have. Do you take time to read? Cook? Exercise? Work on a side hustle? Spend time with friends or family? This is completely up to you, and what you like to do with your time.


What do you think you should make time for?

This question may be a little bit harder to answer than the others, you will need to really dig deep to get the answers you are looking for. What do you feel like you should be doing more of? Maybe this is spending time with your family, giving back to your community, working out. Only you can decide this for yourself.


Once you have answered each of these questions, think about what larger category they fit into, for example; if you enjoy working out and take time to do this often, then one of your values may be your health. If your career is important to you and you enjoy what you do, then that may be another value.


Identify eight core values that you hold, here are a few ideas to help you out through this step:


·       Health

·       Career

·       Compassion

·       Adventure

·       Family

·       Relationships

·       Love

·       Independence

·       Education

·       Personal growth and development

·       Authenticity

·       Balance

·       Success

·       Beauty

·       Happiness

·       Challenge

·       Community

·       Creativity

·       Influence

·       Honesty

·       Loyalty

·       Leadership

·       Religion

·       Respect

·       Wealth

·       Security



Now that you have identified 8 of your core values, you can determine how closely aligned they are with your life, and how much time you make for them. Do you feel like your life reflects those values? Draw the image below and put a dot as close to or far from the bullseye depending on how well you feel that value influences your life, how well you live by each of your values.


The last thing you should do is think of some goals related to how you will get closer to living by your values, write down just one or two goals for each value and check in with them regularly. For example:


·       I will spend at least 30 minutes being active, 6 days a week, because I value my body’s health and all that it does for me.

·       I will put $50 a week into a savings account so that I am continuously getting closer to my goal of moving out of home and being independent.

·       Every day before going to sleep I will spend 10-15 minutes reading because I value my personal growth and development.


Simple little goals like these can have a huge influence over your life and your happiness, it is the smallest changes that sometimes have the biggest impact.


I hope you guys enjoyed this post and found it helpful in connecting with your inner self and improving your spiritual health. I would love to know what the values you identified are and your thoughts on the importance of living in accordance with your values.


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