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My Favourite Podcasts

My Favourite Podcasts

I have turned into the biggest podcast junkie, not a day goes by where I don’t listen to one. I love how I can multitask cleaning, doing the washing, and cooking, as well as soaking up some words of wisdom at the same time.

My favourite podcasts are about self-empowerment and development (shocker!), business, and living a sustainable lifestyle.

If this sounds like your sort of vibe then just keep reading, because below are my five favourite podcasts.


Style your mind - Cara Alwill Leyba

This is the first podcast I ever listened to and I think it will forever be my favourite, I learnt about ‘Style your mind’ when reading Cara’s book ‘Girl Code’ last year and never looked back. I listened to every episode and then went back and listened again.

There is always so much enthusiasm and knowledge in every episode, so you can’t help but walk away feeling as though you can conquer the world.

Cara’s content focuses on personal development, women empowerment, and entrepreneurship. More recently it has also branched out into health and wellness, this is perfect for me as that pretty much sums up my main interests.


Coffee talk - Kalyn Nicholson

I only discovered Kalyn’s podcast recently after hearing her talking about it on her YouTube channel, I listened to every one of her episodes inside a week because they were just so relatable, down to earth, and empowering.

Each week Kalyn discusses a different topic relating to how you can be your best self and live your best life, covering topics such as dealing with the opinion of others, finding your truth, and taking one thing at a time.

This is the one stop podcast for all personal development junkies (like me).


The pretty electric - Dara Kaplan and Gwen Wunderlich

I heard about this podcast from listening to ‘Style your mind’ and decided to give it a go.

 I really enjoy listening to Dara and Gwen’s amazing advice, stories, and experiences about how to live your most ‘electric life’ and how I can apply this to my own life.

They are the owners of a successful PR firm in New York City, having worked with huge brands from all around the world with tonnes of experience, they share what they have learnt along their journey in life and in business.

Their upload schedule has been a bit all over the place, with large gaps in between episodes, but more recently has been more regular.


Low tox life - Alexx Stuart

Everything you need to know about living a ‘low tox life’; you will find on this podcast.

Alexx covers so many topics such as food, cleaning, skincare, interviewing industry professionals and leaders who share the most up to date research, and new discoveries so you know that you can really trust the information you are receiving.

If you’re interested in living a more sustainable ‘low tox life’; this the podcast for you.


The Lavendaire lifestyle - Aileen Xu

This podcast is all about personal development and lifestyle design, each episode features a guest who shares their knowledge in any and all areas relating to creating the life of your dreams.

I found Lavendaire on YouTube a couple of months ago and really connected with the message and the content.

Honestly, I prefer Aileen’s YouTube channel over her podcast as I really enjoy hearing from her and what she has to say, her message is powerful and she delivers it in such a creative, engaging, and aesthetically pleasing way (I’m a sucker for good branding).

What’s not to love?


Have you listened to any of these podcasts? What's your favourite? Are there any others I should listen to? Let me know in the comments below!

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